I’m Participating in Blogtober and Blogoween! 🎃🍁

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Hey everyone! Today, I’m so excited to officially announce that I’ll be participating in both Blogtober AND Blogoween this October.  I admit, I feel a bit intimidated by all of this, but I really think this will be so fun, and I cannot wait for October to begin now!

Now, you may be wondering, What is Blogtober and Blogoween?  Basically, both events are all about celebrating blogging, autumn, and Halloween the whole month of October.

For Blogtober, the goal is to post on your blog every single day during the month of October.  There are no rules with what you’re supposed to post, and the posts don’t have to be autumnal or Halloween themed, however, they often are.

Blogoween is a new event hosted by Clo from Book Dragons 247 as well as several other lovely co-hosts.  The goal for this event is to specifically post Halloween or autumnal themed, bookish posts in October.  You can get the full details here. There are three levels to choose from:

Level 1 is when you post any 13 days in October.

Level 2 is consecutively posting Halloween/fall themed posts from October 24th – 31st.

Level 3 is posting every day!

I have been constantly going back and forth between level 1 and 3 for about a week now.  I don’t know why y’all, but this decision has been weighing on me. 😂  That being said, I’ve decided to go with Level 1.  Honestly, I know I will probably post more than just 13 days of Halloween/fall themed content, but for my first time doing Blogtober and Blogoween, I just felt a little intimidated to commit to only seasonally themed posts.

So, what can you expect from The Calico Books this October? Lots of fun and festive content!  Since Blogtober and Blogoween pretty much have the same, basic idea, I won’t be writing two separate posts each day.  I’ll just consider each Halloween/fall post for both of them.  That being said, I will have a few non-festive posts as well (such as Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday).

I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope you are all looking forward to reading it, and you won’t just get sick of me posting so much, haha! 😉

Please wish me luck for Blogtober/Blogoween, because I am going to need it! Also, let me know if you plan on participating.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Comments on “I’m Participating in Blogtober and Blogoween! 🎃🍁

  1. wheeee good luck! *smirks* Sam and I have been plotting for Blogoween next year which erm…may make it more fun/easier for those like yourself, who are wanting to do both but SSSSSSH I said nothing *snickers* that being said I can’t believe blogoween is here *rolls*

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