A Bookworm’s Pool Day Essentials

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Hello and welcome back to day four for me as host for Bookending Summer 2019.  Unfortunately, today’s my last day hosting.  That being said, Jeimy @ A Novel Idea is taking over the fun tomorrow! Also, I still plan on participating in some of the other hosts’ prompts throughout July, so really, the fun is just beginning. 🎉

Today’s prompt is all about a bookworm’s pool day essentials.  Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing day at the pool?  In order to get that perfect day, though, there’s a few essential items we all need to bring!  Here’s mine:


Okay, first thing’s first!

If you’re a going to have a pool day, you’re going to need a swimsuit.  I love my swimsuit I bought from Shein as well as my cover-up from L.L. Bean.

Both are so comfortable and fun.

IMG_9227 (1)


Reading Material

Next up, if you’re truly looking for a bookworm’s pool day experience, you’re going to need a book!  I’m currently read Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, and so far, I am absolutely loving it!  It is such a perfect summertime read.  I, personally, love reading contemporary novels during the summer months.  They just seem to add to the pool day experience.


Book Sleeve

Now, what about when the sun is beating down on you and you’re so ready to jump into the pool?  Where can you put your book without worrying about it getting splashed or bent? That’s when a book sleeve comes in so handy!  My book sleeve from Story Time Sleeve has been such a lifesaver.  With it, I can throw my book book into my beach bag without worrying about it getting bent, wet, or ruined.  Not only that, but my sleeve is so delightfully roomy that I can even bring a back up book!


In order to read out in that bright sun, a pair of sunglasses is crucial!  You’ve got to protect your eyes from the UVB/UVA rays.  Plus, it’s just a lot easier and less painful to read without squinting like crazy!  I bought this pair from Target last summer, and they’re still my favorite pair!



Next, if you’re going to be in the hot, summer sun all day, you’re going to need to stay hydrated!  This stainless steel water bottle from Tal is such a lifesaver.  I found this bottle at Walmart for under $15 and it is so nice!  It’s big enough that it keeps me hydrated for hours as well as the fact that it is double insulated so it stays cool all day long.  The other day when I was at the pool, this bottle was sitting directly in the sun.  When I picked it up, it was hot to the touch.  I took a sip of my water expecting it to be equally hot, and instead, it was just as cold as when I poured it! 🎉



Enjoy Yourself!

Finally, the most important pool day essential is to enjoy yourself!  Enjoy the water, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your book, enjoy your summer.  Just have a good time and embrace the day!

IMG_9209 (1).jpg

What are YOUR bookworm, pool day essentials? 

Thanks for reading!

Bookending Summer

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12 Comments on “A Bookworm’s Pool Day Essentials

  1. Aaaah I adored this post so much, now you’ve made me want to buy a book sleeve so I’m probably going to hunting for some and then have my parents ask why I’m bothering when I don’t go anywhere hehe. Also how are you liking the book so far, as I’ve not read that one by Morgan Matson yet but I do want to at some point hehe. Thank you so much for hosting lovely ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you so much!! I definitely recommend getting a book sleeve. They’re so nice to have!! I’m really enjoying Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. The story is the perfect amount of emotional and also sweet and fun. Thanks so much for letting me host again! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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