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First of all, my name’s Theresa, I’m a twentysomething girl from Ohio, a Christian, and a huge bibliophile.  I’ve been an avid reader and book lover for long as I can remember!

I mostly read YA, but I read a little bit of everything.

I post book reviews [nearly] every Wednesday and Saturday, with lots of other fun, bookish content in between.

If I’m not reading or blogging, you can be sure to find me either dancing, knitting, eating pizza, or snuggling my cats and bunnies.


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Thanks so much for visiting The Calico Books!

51 Comments on “About Me

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  4. I also love Nancy Drew. Its what got my little fourth grade self into reading for the first time. Even now they come with me. I hope we can get to know each other and fangirl over books : )

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  6. Hi Theresa! 🙂 Thanks for the follow! Good luck for your reading challenge, I set mine to 30 as last year I only read 10 books, and I’m super excited to have already read 20books!

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    • Hi! Thanks for following me as well! 🙂 Wow! You are doing amazing on your reading challenge this year!! I’ve fallen a bit behind so far, but I still have hope to catch up. I hope you’ll continue to have a great reading year! 🙂

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  13. Hey, girl! Just wanted to let you know that your blog’s header is tremendously adorable! I love it. 😍 Nice to meet you, by the way. 😊

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  35. Hi Theresa, nice to meet you! I’ve also read all my life, and also love to crochet. I actually gave myself tendonitis in my forearm and elbow (crochet elbow – aka tennis elbow lol). But that just means I now have more time to read. Can’t wait to look through your older posts and keep up with your reviews!

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