Title: Confessions to a Stranger by Danielle Grandinetti]

Pages: 351

Genres: historical fiction, mystery, Christian fiction

Publisher: Hearth Spot Press (Mar. 14, 2023)


She’s lost her future. He’s sacrificed his. Now they have a chance to reclaim it—together.

Wisconsin, 1930—While fleeing for her life, Adaleigh Sirland’s rescue of a child introduces her to a family who provides her safe harbor. When her identity comes under threat of exposure, she must choose between running once more or helping the man who teaches her to hope again.

First mate David Martins is intrigued by the mysterious woman taken in by his grandmother, but she wrestles with a troubled past. When his estranged father is arrested for murder, can David put aside his own struggles in time to discern which secret threatens Adaleigh before it kills them both?

*I received a gifted e-copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

Confessions to a Stranger was such an engaging and suspenseful read. When Adaleigh comes to Crow’s Nest she’s on the run for unknown reasons. She then meets David, a guy with family troubles of his own. I loved the connection they shared and the respect they had for each other. All the characters in this book are so well done and I truly felt a connection while reading. I really loved the “found family” vibe that much of David’s family gave to Adaleigh.

The mystery and suspense in this novel was so well done. There were some moments that had me on the edge of my seat and I could not stop reading until I found out what happened. Figuring out a murder, alongside the suspense of Adaleigh’s past left me hooked the entire read through.

This historical fiction novel has a little bit of everything. The mystery is intriguing. The romance is sweet. The coastal town setting is so perfect.

This is my first Danielle Grandinetti book but I definitely plan to read more of her books in the future. I love her writing style and cannot wait for the sequel! If you’re a fan of historical fiction and exciting mysteries, I definitely would recommend reading Confessions to A Stranger!


It’s Top Ten Tuesday – a weekly bookish list hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is:


Springtime always has me looking for beautiful and memorable reads. With flowers blooming outside it makes me want to read books with flowery writing and a storyline that really draws me in. I also love to read lighthearted romances that really make you feel like love is “in bloom.” And yes, I actually do think in puns like that. 😂

So, without further ado, here’s the top ten books that I want to read this spring:

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Title: The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

Pages: 304

Genres: YA, contemporary, romance, time travel

Publisher: Simon & Schuyler Books for Young Readers (Nov. 15th, 2022)


After living through a dumpster fire of a Valentine’s Day, Emilie Hornby escapes to her grandmother’s house for some comfort and a consolation pint of Ben & Jerry’s. She passes out on the couch, but when she wakes up, she’s back home in her own bed—and it’s Valentine’s Day all over again. And the next day? Another nightmare V-Day.

Emilie is stuck in some sort of time loop nightmare that she can’t wake up from as she re-watches her boyfriend, Josh, cheat on her day after day. In addition to Josh’s recurring infidelity, Emilie can’t get away from the enigmatic Nick, who she keeps running into—sometimes literally—in unfortunate ways.

How many days can one girl passively watch her life go up in flames? And when something good starts to come out of these terrible days, what happens when the universe stops doling out do-overs?

I am such a sucker for time loop books and movies. Add in some romance and the fun of a holiday and I am absolutely sold! After seeing so much love for this one on Bookstagram, I decided I had no choice but to read it. The Do-Over ending up being even better than I expected!

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Title: The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Genres: contemporary , romance

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (Jul. 19th, 2022)


She’s got his back. 
Hannah Brooks looks more like a kindergarten teacher than somebody who could kill you with a wine bottle opener. Or a ballpoint pen. Or a dinner napkin. But the truth is, she’s an Executive Protection Agent (aka “bodyguard”), and she just got hired to protect superstar actor Jack Stapleton from his middle-aged, corgi-breeding stalker.

He’s got her heart. 
Jack Stapleton’s a household name—captured by paparazzi on beaches the world over, famous for, among other things, rising out of the waves in all manner of clingy board shorts and glistening like a Roman deity. But a few years back, in the wake of a family tragedy, he dropped from the public eye and went off the grid.

They’ve got a secret. 
When Jack’s mom gets sick, he comes home to the family’s Texas ranch to help out. Only one catch: He doesn’t want his family to know about his stalker. Or the bodyguard thing. And so Hannah—against her will and her better judgment—finds herself pretending to be Jack’s girlfriend as a cover. Even though her ex, like a jerk, says no one will believe it.

What could possibly go wrong???
Hannah hardly believes it, herself. But the more time she spends with Jack, the more real it all starts to seem. And there lies the heartbreak. Because it’s easy for Hannah to protect Jack. But protecting her own, long-neglected heart? That’s the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Going into this book, I really didn’t have much knowledge of what it was about. A family friend recommended I read this book, and let me tell you, I’m so glad she did! The Bodyguard has all the ingredients necessary for the perfect rom-com!

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Title: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Pages: 552

Genres: romance, contemporary

Publisher: Bloom Books (Jan. 12th, 2022)


Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: Alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon. 
Knox doesn’t tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride.

Naomi wasn’t just running away from her wedding. She was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin to Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges town where disputes are settled the old-fashioned way…with fists and beer. Usually in that order.

Too bad for Naomi her evil twin hasn’t changed at all. After helping herself to Naomi’s car and cash, Tina leaves her with something unexpected. The niece Naomi didn’t know she had. Now she’s stuck in town with no car, no job, no plan, and no home with an 11-year-old going on thirty to take care of.

There’s a reason Knox doesn’t do complications or high-maintenance women, especially not the romantic ones. But since Naomi’s life imploded right in front of him, the least he can do is help her out of her jam. And just as soon as she stops getting into new trouble he can leave her alone and get back to his peaceful, solitary life.

At least, that’s the plan until the trouble turns to real danger.

The synopsis for Things We Never Got Over is what drew me into this story. From evil twins and long-lost family, to a touch of mystery, and lots of romance, this book has a little bit of everything.

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Title: It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

Pages: 323

Genres: romance, contemporary fiction

Publisher: Atria Books (Oct. 18th, 2022)


Lily and her ex-husband, Ryle, have just settled into a civil coparenting rhythm when she suddenly bumps into her first love, Atlas, again. After nearly two years separated, she is elated that for once, time is on their side, and she immediately says yes when Atlas asks her on a date.

But her excitement is quickly hampered by the knowledge that, though they are no longer married, Ryle is still very much a part of her life—and Atlas Corrigan is the one man he will hate being in his ex-wife and daughter’s life.

Switching between the perspectives of Lily and Atlas, It Starts with Us picks up right where the epilogue for the “gripping, pulse-pounding” (Sarah Pekkanen, author of Perfect Neighbors) bestselling phenomenon It Ends with Us left off. Revealing more about Atlas’s past and following Lily as she embraces a second chance at true love while navigating a jealous ex-husband, it proves that “no one delivers an emotional read like Colleen Hoover” (Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author).

What can I say about It Starts with Us? I know a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with Colleen Hoover. I know she’s done some problematic things. I know a lot of people say this book was a cash grab because of her recent surge in popularity on BookTok. I know all these things might be true, but despite all that I just loved this book!

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I don’t know about you, but I love Valentine’s Day! Any excuse to celebrate love is a day I want to be a part of. In honor of the holiday, here are 5 books that I would recommend you read this Valentine’s Day!

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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

I just recently finished this one and it is so, so cute and fun! It is such a sweet story about finding love and true connections in the most unexpected circumstance. Filled with fake dating, quirky characters, and so much heart, you do not want to skip this one!

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

This book is such a unique and memorable read. The premise involves two teenagers falling in love over the course of one day, but that simplified summary does not even begin to describe the beauty that is found in The Sun is Also a Star. It’s so much more than insta-love and shallow romance. It’s a reminder how each decision we make can change our life and the lives of those around us. It’s an absolutely beautiful, quick read.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

This book is quite popular, and at times controversial, in the Christian fiction genre. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I do think anyone looking for an emotional and romantic read will enjoy Redeeming Love. The parallels to the biblical book, Hosea, are so beautiful and the story itself is gripping, romantic, and unforgettable. It has quickly become one of my favorite historical, romance reads.

The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

I’m currently in the middle of this one, and it has been such an enjoyable read. The Do-Over actually takes place on Valentine’s Day, too, so it really is a perfect choice. The main character, Emilie, has a horrible Valentine’s Day and ends up having to relive it over and over again and again! I’m such a sucker for time loop stories like this one, so I have thoroughly been enjoying this sweet read and cannot wait to see how it ends!

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

There’s a reason why Gone with the Wind is considered such a classic. This book may be long but there’s not one dull moment. I wouldn’t exactly consider the romance in this book healthy (lol) but it sure is entertaining to read. If you’re looking for a book to be swept away in, feel every emotion possible, and consume every free moment you have this Valentine’s Day, this one is definitely the book for you!

If you have read any of these books, or plan to, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts! I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow filled with lots of love and all your favorite things. 💕


Title: Bright Burning Stars by A. K. Small

Pages: 304

Genres: YA, realistic fiction, contemporary,

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers (May 21st, 2019)


Best friends Marine Duval and Kate Sanders have trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School since childhood, where they’ve formed an inseparable bond forged by respective family tragedies and a fierce love for dance. When the body of a student is found in the dorms just before the start of their final year, Marine and Kate begin to ask themselves what they would do to win the ultimate prize: to be the one girl selected to join the Opera’s prestigious corps de ballet. Would they die? Cheat? Seduce the most talented boy in the school, dubbed the Demigod, hoping his magic would make them shine, too? Neither girl is sure.

But then Kate gets closer to the Demigod, even as Marine has begun to capture his heart. And as selection day draws near, the competition—for the prize, for the Demigod—becomes fiercer, and Marine and Kate realize they have everything to lose, including each other.

As someone who grew up dancing ballet, I am always instantly drawn to any book/show/movie that involves dance. I love the artistry, drama, and experiences. Bright Burning Stars does an excellent job of conveying all three of those aspects.

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Now that we’re one month into 2023, it’s had me thinking about the reading goals I made for this year, and my progress so far.

Here are my goals:

  • Read the books I already own instead of buying more.
  • Read at least 12 nonfiction and 12 classics.
  • Focus on pages read vs. books read.
  • Find time to read every day.
  • Post on bookstagram/booktok/blog more.
  • Utilize the library more.

One goal that I’ve been doing very well is finding time to read everyday. While some days it is only a few pages, I have managed, so far, to read everyday in 2023. I’m so happy about that! Reading is more than just reading to me. It’s also good for my mental health, so the fact that I’ve been taking time to read daily has helped all aspects of my life.

One goal I have not done well so far is reading the books I already own instead of buying more. I bought quite a few books in January. 😂 But to be fair, most of them were on sale so that made it too hard to resist, hahaha! Moving forward I want to actually read all those new books I recently bought, at least, before buying anymore – and if there’s a book I really can’t wait to read, I should probably just borrow it from the library. That’s accomplishing two goals in one!

For the rest of my goals, so far, I feel like I’m on the right path. I’ve got some really intriguing nonfiction and classic books lined up and I’m looking forward to writing and sharing all my bookish thoughts on here and social media.

What are some goals you have set for 2023? I’d love to know!


Title: The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

Pages: 400

Genres: contemporary, literary fiction

Publisher: Riverhead Books (July 6th, 2021)


“This house, this place, knows all my secrets.” 

It is a perfect July morning, and Elle, a fifty-year-old happily married mother of three, awakens at “The Paper Palace”–the family summer place which she has visited every summer of her life. But this morning is different: last night Elle and her oldest friend Jonas crept out the back door into the darkness and had sex with each other for the first time, all while their spouses chatted away inside. Now, over the next twenty-four hours, Elle will have to decide between the life she has made with her genuinely beloved husband, Peter, and the life she always imagined she would have had with her childhood love, Jonas, if a tragic event hadn’t forever changed the course of their lives. As Heller colors in the experiences that have led Elle to this day, we arrive at her ultimate decision with all its complexity. Tender yet devastating, The Paper Palace considers the tensions between desire and dignity, the legacies of abuse, and the crimes and misdemeanors of families.

Wow! Where do I even begin with a book like The Paper Palace? Within the first

chapter I knew this book would be an intense journey. After finishing the book, I can safely say that my initial thoughts were correct!

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