Movie Monday #7 – A Walk to Remember


movie monday

Hey everyone!  Today it’s time for another Movie Monday. Movie Monday is a feature on my blog where I compare and discuss books and their movie or television adaptation!

This time I’m discussing the 2002 movie, A Walk to Remember based off the book of the same title by Nicholas Sparks.

While I’ve always been a fan of the movie version of A Walk to Remember, it wasn’t until very recently that I actually read the book.  I knew that the movie was very different from the book, but until now, I wasn’t able to really compare the two.  But now that I’ve read it (check out my review here!), I’m so excited to finally to be able to discuss the two!

I will say that, while the plot of the movie is the same, much of the details of A Walk to Remember, are significantly different from the book.  Also, in the movie, the setting is modern day, as opposed to the 1950’s, and so because of that, even some of the pivotal points are changed and adapted to fit 2002.

Honestly, I actually found some of these changes helped enhance the story.  One of my favorite notable changes was Jamie’s interest in stars and outer space.  I just really felt like that fit her personality so well, and I loved that addition to her character!  Landon was also a bit more of a bad boy in the movie, which I felt really enhanced his character development throughout the adaptation.

Mandy Moore and Shane West played their parts so well, too!  Their acting was so good, and their relationship so swoon-worthy and believable.  They really brought the book to life.  Mandy Moore and Shane West will always be Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter to me.

Also, Mandy Moore’s big song number to “Only Hope” will forever be one of my favorite parts of this movie, even though that scene and storyline plays out quite differently than in the book.

Overall, the A Walk to Remember movie adaptation is quite different from the book, but just as enjoyable.  Honestly, because of the differences between the book and the movie, you could almost look at them as two different things, and just appreciate each one for what it is.  This movie will make you cry, but it’s also one of those movies that as soon as the credits start rolling, you want to start watching it right over again!

Have you watched or read A Walk to Remember? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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12 Comments on “Movie Monday #7 – A Walk to Remember

  1. This is one Of my all time favorite movies. I have also read the book and they are much different The book is good but I love the movie more. The movie had more feel for me.

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  2. A Walk to Remember is a movie I could rewatch over and over again. Even though I have seen it a millions times it makes me cry ever single time! The book is probably my favourite Nicholas Sparks book but it is definitely different from the movie. I appreciate both of them!

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  3. I remember when I was much younger my sister would watch the movie knowing it would make her cry anyway. It wasn’t until years later that I eventually watched the movie and read the book. It’s such a good movie but just like in Titanic I always stop the movie before the sadder parts of the story.

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    • My older sister would watch this movie all the time when it first came out and she and my mom would always just sit and cry. My mom will still cry at pretty much any part of the movie, lol. I was still a bit young to be fully into the movie when my older sister was really obsessed with it, so it wasn’t until I was a little older that I really appreciated it. I agree, sometimes it’s nice to shut the movie off early and pretend the sad stuff doesn’t happen!


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