Top Ten Standalone Books I Wish Had a Sequel

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It’s Top Ten Tuesday again!  It’s a weekly bookish list hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is:

Standalone Books I Wish Had a Sequel

This week’s topic was actually surprisingly hard, because I realized that the majority of the books I read already have sequels, or I just really don’t think they need one.  That being said, I’ve come up with 10 books that I would really love to read the sequel to!

Here we go:


I know Eleanor & Park has mixed reviews, but personally, I really loved this one!  I would love to have a sequel to this one to see what these characters are up to when they’re older! And to answer my questions about a certain note (if you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about)!!


I just recently read All in Pieces, and I loved this book so much!!  It was so well written and I just want to know so much more about these characters’ lives.


I need more of the Grant family in my life.  I need more Bill in my life.


Saint Anything is one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books.  I just want to know more about these characters!


I would love to see a book that takes place like, 5 years later, to see how the characters in Everything, Everything are and what they’re doing with their lives.


When Andie and Clark made a brief cameo in Save the Date, I was so excited!! The Unexpected Everything is one of my favorite Morgan Matson books.  I would love to see a full sequel about them and their lives now!


Jane of Lantern Hill is such an underrated LM Montgomery book.  Anne of Green Gables has several sequels, so I think it would’ve been lovely to have at least one for Jane!


I would love to see a sequel to The Graveyard Book featuring a grown up Nobody Owens!!


The Host was supposed to have a sequel, but never got one.  I’m never going to not wonder what else Stephenie Meyer had planned for this series!


Can I please have a sequel that features Tim and Alice in their 20’s?!  Pretty please??

That wraps up this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, and the first one that I’ve done in quite a while!

What are some standalone books YOU wish had a sequel?

Thanks for reading!

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4 Comments on “Top Ten Standalone Books I Wish Had a Sequel

  1. I’ve seen Eleanor & Park on a few lists, so it must be good! Plus I like Rainbow Rowell’s writing too. I’d love a Fangirl sequel as well.

    All in Pieces and The Unexpected Everything look fun too!

    Liked by 1 person

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