Reading Rush 2019 TBR!

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Hey everyone!  As many of you probably already know, the Booktubeathon has become the Reading Rush!  I, personally, love the changes that have been made and I am so excited for the readathon this year.  Also, feel free to add me on the website.  My username is thecalicobooks!

The Reading Rush is running from July 22nd through the 28th.  So, it’s just about to begin in my timezone! 🎉  Today I’m going to be sharing all the books I hope to get to this week.  So, without further ado, here’s my TBR for the 2019 Reading Rush:

1. Read a Book with Purple on the Cover


For this challenge, I’m planning to read The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.  I think this book sounds so intriguing, and it’s one that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now, which makes it a perfect pick!

2. Read a Book in the Same Spot the Entire Time

I’m still deciding which book I’m going to use for this one.  However, it will be one of the books I’m listing on my TBR!

3. Read a Book that You Meant to Read Last Year


I’ve actually been meaning to read The Last Star for longer than just last year, but I keep putting it off for one reason or another.  It’s finally time I read it!! I’m hoping to knock out this book early on in the readathon!

4. Read an Author’s First Book

For this one, I’m planning to read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while now.  My library hold just came in and I’m going to the library to pick it up tomorrow (hence why it doesn’t have a picture…the poor book missed the photoshoot 😢😂).  So, I’m super excited that the timing worked out perfectly for this one!

5. Read a Book with a Non-Human Main Character


I read the first two books in the Warriors series a while back.  So, when I saw this challenge, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to get back into the series.  Forest of Secrets is my sister’s favorite book in the series, so I have high hopes for this one!

6. Read a Book that Has Five or More Words in the Title

I’m planning on using Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine for this challenge as well!

7. Read and Watch a Book-to-Movie Adaptation


I bought The Last Song book and movie at a library book sale a couple years back but just never got to them.  I’ve seen parts of the movie, but never all the way through, and I’ve never read the book.  I think this book will make a perfect, summer read as well as a fun, summer movie night this week!

Like always, I have super high expectations for this readathon, and I’m hopeful that I will read a lot.  We’ll see how much I actually get read, but either way, it’ll be fun time for sure.

Thank you so much for reading!  For those of you who are also participating in the Reading Rush, tell me about the books that are on your TBR, and good luck!

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