Book Review | Murder By Page One

Title: Murder by Page One (Peach Coast Mystery #1) by Olivia Matthews

Pages: 336

Genres: Cozy Mystery

Publisher: Hallmark Publishing (Mar. 23, 2021)


Marvey’s a librarian from Brooklyn who makes book-themed jewelry as a hobby, looks after her cranky cat, and supports events for readers and authors. She’s still adjusting to quirky small-town life in Georgia – and that’s before she discovers a dead body in a bookstore.

When her new best friend becomes a suspect, Marvey develops a new hobby: solving a murder mystery. With her talents for research, her knowledge gleaned from crime novels, and a whole lot of determination, she pursues the truth. But as she gets closer to it, could she be facing a deadly plot twist?

This first-in-series cozy mystery includes a free Hallmark original recipe.

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*I received a free e-copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. A huge thank you to the author and publisher!*

Murder by Page One is the epitome of a cozy mystery! This is book one in a promising new series and I already cannot wait for book two! From the setting to the characters to the plot, itself, I really adored this novel.

I absolutely loved the main character, Marvey. She is a librarian who has just moved to a small town after living in Brooklyn. I loved how that, even though she was a bit out of her comfort zone at times, she tried her best to be determined, confident, and upbeat. I found it hilarious the way she constantly was trying to get people to sign up for library cards. As someone who is planning to become a librarian, I thought it was comically relatable and totally something I could see myself doing, haha!

The mystery for this book was well-paced and intriguing. It had just the right amount of twists and turns and suspects. It also had the perfect, small town setting that provided some extra drama and gossip to the case. I’m actually usually pretty good at solving these cozy mysteries, but surprisingly, I didn’t guess the culprit for this one so I really enjoyed reading about how Marvey figured out this case.

This novel is from Hallmark Publishing, so I am hopeful that they will create a mystery movie series out of these books because I would love to see Marvey and these characters come to life!

Overall, I really enjoyed Murder by Page One. I loved Marvey. I loved her friendships. I loved her sassy cat. I loved the mystery. I just really thoroughly enjoyed this book. My only warning is that it’s going to make you so hungry for peach cobbler it’s not even funny. And the sad part is peaches currently aren’t in season and so I can’t even remedy that situation right now. 😂 I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone who loves cozy mysteries.

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