Book Review: Maybe Someday



At twenty-two years old, Sydney is enjoying a great life: She’s in college, working a steady job, in love with her wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and rooming with her best friend, Tori. But everything changes when she discovers that Hunter is cheating on her—and she’s forced to decide what her next move should be.

Soon, Sydney finds herself captivated by her mysterious and attractive neighbor, Ridge. She can’t take her eyes off him or stop listening to the passionate way he plays his guitar every evening out on his balcony. And there’s something about Sydney that Ridge can’t ignore, either. They soon find themselves needing each other in more ways than one.

A passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance, Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney’s tumultuous world from the very first page.


What I Thought

I read Maybe Someday because I have heard so much praise for Colleen Hoover, and every single one of her books.  I just had to see what the hype was all about!

I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed with this book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I do plan on reading more Colleen Hoover books, but the thing is, I think because I heard so many wonderful things about it, I had this idea that it was going to be “the best book ever,” and for me anyway, it wasn’t that. It was, however, a good love story!

Something I really loved about this book was how music was incorporated so fully throughout the entire novel.  Music played such an important part in Sydney and Ridge’s relationship. I also really liked that an actual soundtrack was made! It was really incredible to truly be able to hear the music come to life. This was a really creative idea, and I really appreciated that.

The twists in this novel were so good. This wasn’t just a typical love story; and I loved that. All of the characters felt very realistic as well. I loved them all, except Warren, which might be an unpopular opinion, because I feel like most people really loved him. For me though, I just found him a bit…obnoxious.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. I really don’t have any big complaints, so I’m not sure why I didn’t love it as much as everyone else.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a contemporary book when I read it?

Also, if you go to the Maybe Someday website, there’s an epilogue that gives a bit more closure for a certain character, which I really appreciated!



2 Comments on “Book Review: Maybe Someday

  1. Good to see a lot of people praising this book. I’ve read only 2 of Hoover’s novels, and this one was next on the list. Definitely going to buy it now!

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