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Hey everyone!  Today I have a fun topic to talk about.  Have you ever been to a book conference or an author panel before?  Unfortunately, I have not…yet!  However, I know a lot of you have.  So, today I want to talk about and share who would be on my dream author panel.

Okay, let’s get started!

Millie Benson

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While many of you might not be as familiar with her name, I have no doubt that the majority of you know about the book series she wrote: Nancy Drew!  Mildred Wirt Benson was the very first Carolyn Keene, and wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew books.  After writing the Nancy Drew books, she went on to write her own mystery series, which can still be found online, the Penny Parker Mystery series.

I chose Millie, because she was such an incredible person, and so ahead of her time.  She was adventurous, spunky, and an amazing writer.  I’d love to hear her thoughts about being a woman and in the writing industry in the 1930’s.  As someone who wrote 135 books in her lifetime and was a journalist up until the day she passed away, I’m sure she would have a lot to say!  I would also love to know which stories were her favorite.

Check out more about Millie Benson here!

Meg Cabot


Writer of nearly 80 published books, Meg Cabot, is one of my absolute favorite authors, and this dream author panel would not be complete without her.  Her books are just so incredibly clever and fun!

I would love to hear about how she comes up with so many different ideas for her novels.  She has written about so many realistic characters, and yet they are all unique in their own way.  Likewise, I’d love to ask what inspired her to start writing, and what she does when she gets writer’s block!

Check out more about Meg Cabot here!

Lauren Oliver

As a bestselling author of books such as the Delirium series, Before I Fall, The Spindlers, and many more, I imagine Lauren Oliver would have a lot to say!  She has written books for all ages and genres, which is why I think she would be perfect for this author panel.

Each of Lauren Oliver’s novels are so different from each other.  She has written dystopian, contemporary, ghost stories, and so much more.  I would love to hear how she comes up with all her ideas.  Also, because she doesn’t typically stick with the same genre, I’d love to hear her thoughts about the fears and feelings she experiences when she releases a book in a genre she’s never written before.  Also, I’d love to know which genre is her favorite to write.

Check out more about Lauren Oliver here!

LM Montgomery

L. M. Montgomery

Author of the bestselling Anne of Green Gables series, as well as many other beloved classics, I think LM Montgomery is another great addition to this author panel.

I would love to hear about her writing inspirations.  Prince Edward Island is the setting for many of her novels, and it is quite evident she had a great love for that beautiful island.  Also, while Anne was her most popular character, I’d love to hear about which character and their story was her favorite to write about.

Check out more about LM Montgomery here!

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder cropped sepia2.jpgTo round off this author panel, I can think of no one better than Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Author of the bestselling Little House books, she not only wrote about the prairie but she also lived there.

The Little House series is one of my favorites, and I would absolutely love to hear about the struggles and triumphs of her life outside of the books.  I’d like to know which events were more fabricated for the books, and if there were any events that she left out that she would like to share.  I’d also love to hear about what it was like to actually write about her life, and how she felt when the series received so much positivity and popularity.

Check out more about Laura Ingalls Wilder!

I hope you all enjoyed this fun post!  I loved deciding which authors I would choose.  I ended up choosing all women authors who are, in one way or another, trailblazers.  Who would be on your dream author panel?  Also, if you’re looking for or planning your own bookish conference be sure to check out Eventbrite! It is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events and conferences with their conference registration software.  Who knows?  Maybe your dream author panel is out there (at least for the authors that are still alive)!  Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll be back with another post soon!

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