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Hey everyone! Tanya and Kimberly of GirlXOXO are hosting a fun, month long series of their favorites of the year called #AMonthofFaves.  There’s new prompts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all December long. Today’s fave is: This is How We Read!

No. of Books Read (… so far)

So far, I’ve read 48 books out of my goal of 52.  Although, some of those are short stories so I’m not sure if they would all ~technically~ count, but they’re on Goodreads so I’m going with it! 😉

Genre That Got the Most Love

I read contemporary the most, coming in with 21 books.

Paranormal/Sci-fi/Fantasy came in second with 14 books.

How IRead

I read 26 physical books, 20 ebooks, and 2 audiobooks.

Of those books, 11 of them were from the library, with 6 of those being physical library books, 3 of them being e-library books, and 2 of them being audiobooks.

Books I DNF’d (Did Not Finish)

I really hate to DNF a book, and so I do it very rarely, and actually didn’t do it at all in 2017!

Month I Read the Least & the Most

Month I Read the Least: September – The only book I finished was Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Month I Read the Most: November – I finished 11 books, although, I admit, some were short stories. 🙈

When I Read

My absolute best reading is done outside in the afternoon.  That being said, I live in Ohio, so that definitely cannot be a year-round activity for me.  So, my more practical reading time, and honestly, most cozy (which is good but also a bit of a bad thing because sometimes I get sleepy), is done in my bedroom in the evenings.

Fave Books of the Year (Just a Hint)

I’m only sharing one today, but I’m going to go with Replica by Lauren Oliver.  That book is SO good!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!  I really loved looking back at all the books I’ve read so far and seeing how they compare.  It’s given me ideas on what I want to read more of in 2018!

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6 Comments on “#AMonthofFaves – This is How We Read

  1. You’re so close to your goal! Good luck getting there. I think I probably read fantasy the most this year, although the contemporaries I did pick up were super cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think I’m going to make it! I read some super cute contemporary books this year, as well. Honestly, I think I read contemporary books the most this year, because I just kept loving the ones I picked lol

      Liked by 1 person

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