Movie Monday #6 – Christmas with the Kranks

movie monday

Hello, and welcome back to Movie Monday! Movie Monday is a feature on my blog where I compare and discuss books and their movie or television adaptation!

Today I’m discussing the 2004 movie, Christmas with the Kranks based off the book, Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.

I love Christmas with the Kranks! It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, and I always have to watch it at least once every holiday season.  I love how fun and slightly goofy this movie is.  However, until this year, I had never read the book.  So, while I enjoyed the movie, and I didn’t know how accurate it really was.

Well, y’all, this movie is so much like the book, and I love it!  While there are some minor changes, for example, in the book, it shows Luther buying the cruise tickets, whereas, in the movie, it skips to where he is telling Nora about the cruise, Christmas with the Kranks is so faithful to Skipping Christmas!

Even so much of the dialogue from the book makes it in the movie, and that hardly ever happens!  It was so exciting to see that all the best lines and scenes from the book actually made it into the movie.

I love how the atmosphere is portrayed in the movie, too. For a book/movie that is all about skipping Christmas it actually gives me all the Christmas vibes.

The thing I love about Christmas with the Kranks, is that while it is a bit slapstick-y at times, more so than the book, it is still actually relatable. Plus, it has a lot of heart. This story is a comedy, but the ending always gets me and really warms my heart.

Overall, not only is Christmas with the Kranks a great, family-friendly, holiday film, but it is also an excellent adaptation as well!

Have you read Skipping Christmas or seen Christmas with the Kranks?

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