Christmas Countdown #10


Hello and Merry Christmas Eve!  The big day is finally almost here!  Welcome back to my final Countdown to Christmas of 2017.  Countdown to Christmas is a weekly feature where I recommend a different Christmas-y book each week to read this holiday season.

Today’s book is The Child’s Christmas by Evelyn Sharp.



Members of an English country family experience the excitement and beauty of an old-fashioned Christmas season, in events leading from the early days of decoration and preparation through New Year’s Day and up to Twelfth Night.

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The Child’s Christmas is such a festive and delightful book!  It tells of all the various Christmas festivities in an old-fashioned, late 1800’s/early 1900’s setting.  It was really fun reading about all the different activities! Also, I really appreciated that the book started in early December, and went all the way through January 5th, the 12th day of Christmas!  Learning about all the different activities they did AFTER the 25th has only pushed my love for Christmas further.  You can be sure I’ll still be celebrating Christmas until then, too!  Overall, The Child’s Christmas is a fun and entertaining holiday book that I think people of all ages will enjoy!

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