Books That Bring Back Memories

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It’s Top Ten Tuesday again!  It’s a weekly bookish list hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is:

Books That Bring Back Memories

This week’s topic was so unique and intriguing!  The books for this week are ones with very specific memories attached to reading them.  Some of these memories are meaningful, while others are completely random, yet, I still have strong memories attached.

Junie B. Jones Has A Peep in her Pocket

junie b jones

I received Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket for my 6th birthday.  It was the first chapter book I ever remember getting, and I was SO excited.  I have a super distinct memory of unwrapping this gift and then, later that day, reading the first chapter of it in my sister’s room.



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The Clue in the Old Album

the clue in the old album.jpg

The Clue in the Old Album was the first Nancy Drew book I ever read.  I have a super specific memory of reading this book while driving to a Christmas tree festival we go to every year.  At the part of the book I was at, Nancy was at a formal concert, and then, when we walked into the Christmas tree festival, there was also a little concert going on.  This memory doesn’t seem very significant, but for some reason, to this day, I still always think about that scene in The Clue in the Old Album every year I go to the Christmas tree festival.


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The Diviners

the diviners.jpg

Okay, so I read The Diviners a couple years back when I was looking for a spooky, October read.  Well, this one definitely delivered.  So, one night, I was reading this book, while the rest of the house was asleep (bad move, Theresa, bad move…), and I got to a really creepy part of the book, in which the bad guy was whistling.  Well, I had my window open a crack and what do I hear?!  Someone walking down the street, whistling!! 😭😭😭  It was probably almost midnight! Why was some random person walking down my street whistling?!  After that, I was traumatized and never read this book at night again.


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twilightMy grandparents bought me Twilight in the summer of 2008, just because they were at the bookstore and knew how much I loved to read.  One of the employees there recommended Twilight to them as a book I might like.  At the time, I was a lot less aware of which books were popular, and I had never heard of it before, but I was so excited and intrigued!   My sister was also really obsessed with I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie at the time.  So, I have really vivid memories of sitting on my back porch and reading huge chunks of this book in one sitting, because I just couldn’t get enough, while that song was playing in the other room.  😂 It still reminds me of Twilight to this day!

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Since You’ve Been Gone

18189606 (1)


Since You’ve Been Gone brings back such fun and summer-y memories for me.  It was the first Morgan Matson book I ever read, and I remember checking it out from the library just in time for summer vacation.  I finished reading it while waiting for a parade to start, and I just remember feeling so in the prime of summer while reading this book.



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That wraps up this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  It was only a Top Five this week, but that’s because I wanted to stick with books that featured memories that really meant something to me.

What are some books that you’ve read that bring back strong memories?

Thanks for reading!

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14 Comments on “Books That Bring Back Memories

  1. Heh, your diviners memory is so funny! I occasionally hear someone whistling in the street outside my bedroom especially in long winter nights when it’s cold and quiet and sound travels far. I always assume it to be some harmless neighbourhood kid. But what if it isn’t?
    and now I also want to go read nancy drew!
    Here’s my TTT post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! It’s been so fun reading everyone else’s TTT’s this week! Yes, I’ve never thought about whistling the same since! 🙈😂 Haha that’s so fun! Whenever books mention certain foods, it makes me so hungry for them.


  2. Your whistling memory is so creepy! I would’ve thrown that book in the freezer. I actually didn’t know that The Diviners was scary, but I love scary books, so now I’m even more excited to finally pick it up! Lovely list!

    Liked by 2 people

    • 😂😂 I just slammed my book shut and closed my window and was like, “That’s it! I’m gonna go pray now,” lol! Yes, The Diviners was so creepy and scary to read!! I recommend it. 👍🏼


    • 😂😂 I felt like I was going to have a heart attack when that happened! I still need to read the rest of the series. I’m hoping to get to it this fall, maybe around Halloween since it’s spooky! 👻


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