Books That Remind Me of Spring!


Hello! It is day two of me hosting Bookending Spring 2019!  Lately, the weather has been so beautiful and it has really been putting me in that springtime mood.  So, for today’s post, I’m sharing with you all some of my favorite books that remind me of spring!

Some of these books remind of spring because of the content, others just because of their pretty covers.  Either way, just thinking about these books makes me think of spring!

Without further ado, here we go!


The Secret Garden is the ultimate spring book to me.  Every spring I want to read it (or at least watch the movie)!  There’s just something about this book that never gets old. I would love nothing more than to have a secret garden of my own to enjoy every spring!


The Spring of Candy Apples is book 4 in the super fun Sweet Seasons series.  This book is so fun and just filled with so many things that remind me of spring.  While you definitely should read this series in order, it’s definitely worth it to get to this book and see how things turn out for Candace during her final semester of high school!


Replica doesn’t actually take place during the spring months (that I recall).  That being said, the butterflies and the bright colors on this cover really give me that feeling of spring with hope that summer is just around the corner!


Honestly, I feel like Anne of Green Gables is perfect for any season.  LM Montgomery just knew how to write in a way that is so atmospheric.  Her descriptions of spring in Avonlea are so beautiful, you’ll be smelling the flowers and feeling the spring breeze right along with Anne while reading this one!


This is another book that doesn’t actually take place during the spring months, but just looking at the cover for Once and For All screams spring to me!  The pretty pastel colors and the bouquet are so perfect.


Okay, so I don’t know why, but The Importance of Being Earnest is just one of those stories that remind me of spring!  I can’t explain it, but I just feel like it is more fitting to read in the spring months. 😂


And lastly, I have Chasing Jupiter!  Technically this book takes place in the summer, but I always think about it during the springtime.  Yet again, I don’t know why, I just do!  It’s such a lovely book, and while it’s a little emotional, it fills me with hope, just like spring does.

Okay, now that I’ve shared the books that remind me of spring, I want to know: What books remind YOU of springtime?!

Thank you so much for reading!

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14 Comments on “Books That Remind Me of Spring!

  1. I haven’t read Anne of Green Gables yet, but I love Emily of New Moon and those books always give me spring vibes 😊

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  2. Ooh these do give me a very spring vibe! I’ve only read Anne of Green Gables but I absolutely loved it 🙂

    Also I hope you won’t mind me giving you a tiny suggestion for your blog. It would be infinitely better if only an excerpt of your posts were to be seen on the home page. You can adjust that in settings or simply add the ‘more’ tag while drafting. Otherwise I really love your pretty graphics!

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  5. ahhhh these books are all so pretty and absolutely spring-y! I absolutely agree that Anne of Green Gables is a perfect read all year round (as are the Little House books!) I’d actually thought about putting a few Sarah Dessen books on my list too, they’ve all got gorgeous covers and I love the optimistic/hopeful feeling they leave me with. this is a great list, and thank you for hosting this prompt!

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  7. aaaah i love Once and For All by Sarah Dessen is such a good read, I loved it and I can definitely get the spring vibes from it. I’ve been meaning to read Replica for ages now…still not gotten round to it though ooops. Also loving the graphics for this post Theresa!

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