Book Review | Own Your Everyday

OYE.jpgTitle: Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

Pages: 240

Genres: Non-fiction, Self-help, Christian

Publisher Waterbrook & Multnomah (May 14th, 2019)


Do you ever feel the pressure to prove yourself? Or to “figure it all out” as you’re waiting in seasons that seem like the awkward in-between? Does it ever feel seem that you’re the only one with “unfigured-out dreams”?
Jordan equips you to confront the feeling of being stuck and instead live your purpose by owning (not ignoring) your story, your quirks, your struggles, and everything that makes you, you.

In this book, Jordan provides practical tools as she shows you how to:
tackle limitations like disappointment, perfectionism, comparison, distraction, and more;
overcome the lie that you can’t live your purpose until or unless you reach a certain goal, milestone, etc.;
remove labels and break out of the box of expectations;
identify and eliminate excuses, insecurity, and unnecessary stress about an unknown future.

Own Your Everyday:  Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You're Made to Do 

what i thought

*I received a free copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. A huge thank you to the author and publisher!*

I’ve been following Jordan Lee Dooley on Instagram for quite a while now.  So, when I saw she was releasing a book, you can bet I was so excited!  I’m happy to say that this book truly lived up to its hype, and I am so glad to have read it.

Own Your Everyday was a very motivating read.  I really appreciated how Jordan didn’t try to brag about her accomplishments.  She wrote in a way that felt very authentic and encouraging.  The purpose behind Own Your Everyday is to encourage others to keep believing in their dreams and working hard.  Sometimes, I feel like books like this place an overemphasis on everything you have to do to make your dream come true.  In this book, however, it is all about accepting where you are at in life, embracing your day-to-day, while still remaining passionate about your interests.  I appreciated that so much!

Whether you’re in college, a stay-at-home mom, a career-oriented person, or any place in between, I do believe there is something in this book that can motivate, inspire, and encourage you to be the best you that you can be.

I really enjoyed Jordan Lee Dooley’s writing style.  Own Your Everyday was very easy to read.  I really felt like Jordan could have been sitting there, talking with me over a cup of coffee while reading this book.  She writes in a way that makes her feel very relatable.

Own Your Everyday is considered a Christian book, and unlike some of the other self-help Christian books I’ve read, this book actually uses biblical references to back up its content.  By no means is this a theological book, but it was nice to see her Christian perspective.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book .  The writing was easy to read and very engaging and the advice and wisdom that Jordan Lee Dooley gives is very motivating and encouraging.  I would definitely recommend Own Your Everyday to anyone looking to be inspired as well as fans of books such as Girl, Wash Your Face.

4 stars 2

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