Non-Bookish Notables #1

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Hello! Today I am introducing a new series on my blog that I’m calling Non-Bookish Notables.  For every couple weeks or so, I thought it would be fun to give you all a non-bookish (for the most part) update about my life.  This is where I’ll share any fun or exciting update as well as just simple stuff like what I’ve been loving lately when it comes to listening/watching/eating etc.!

So, let’s just jump into it!

So, I finally started playing Midnight in Salem! 🎉  I’m not done with the game yet, because I’ve waited 5 years – I’m savoring it! But so far, so good.  The graphics are not the best, but they are better than the trailer makes them look.  I had to play around with the settings because my game was quite a bit laggy in the beginning, but once I figured that out, I’ve had a really fun time playing this one. I really love the storyline!

I also went and saw Little Women.  It was absolutely flawless! I adored it so much.  I’m obsessed.  The acting was amazing.  I already loved Saoirse Ronan before this movie.  I’ve been a fan of her since City of Ember wayyy back in the day, but this movie just made me love her even more!!  And Florence Pugh made such an incredible Amy.  Instead of having Amy act like nothing than a total brat, Florence Pugh is able to to bring so much more depth to her character like I’ve never seen in any other Little Women adaptation.  I have a full Movie Monday coming for this movie, but I had to just shout about it a little bit now because it was just that good. 💁🏼‍♀️

little women squad

My current music obsession is Rare by Selena Gomez.  This is definitely her best album yet.  I’ve loved Selena since Wizards of Waverly Place.  She has always been my girl.  But I admit, while her songs have always been catchy, her singing has never been the best. 😂🙈  This time around though, her voice has improved so much and you can just feel the passion in every single one of her songs.  Honestly, I’m impressed.  Currently, my favorite tracks are RareLose You to Love Me, Ring, and People You Know.

When it comes to TV, I’ve been loving The Good Place and Sanditon.  I’ve been catching up on season 4 of The Good Place and omg, I’m really intrigued to see how everything ends!  As sad as I am that it is the last season of this show, I’m also glad it didn’t get dragged out for several more seasons after the writers have run out of ideas.  I’m really excited that it’s going to get a proper (hopefully, good) ending.

And then, last night I just finished episode 2 of Sanditon.    Theo James is gorgeous – as always – and Rose Williams is so beautiful.  Their acting is good and they have such great chemistry with each other.  I’m intrigued to see where the storyline goes.  I admit, the show is a little slow in parts, but I’ve still been really enjoying it.  It’s my knitting show.

Speaking of knitting, I’m currently knitting my mom one of those winter hats that have a hole at the top for a bun or ponytail.  I’ve just started it, so I’m not too far along yet, but I’m eager to finish because it has been pretty cold and snowy lately.  Plus, I want to finish the hat before spring comes and she doesn’t need it anymore, lol.

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me about the non-bookish side of my life.  Please let me know what you thought of this new series!

Thanks for reading!


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2 Comments on “Non-Bookish Notables #1

  1. What a fun series! I really want to see Little Women! It is one of my favorite books and Ronan is my favorite actress.

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