2020 Reading & Blogging Goals!

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Happy New Year! Even though January is almost over, I feel like a post about this year’s goals should start with something festive, lol.  As the title of this post states, today I’m sharing my hopes and goals for reading and blogging in the year 2020!  When it comes to reading and blogging, 2019 was not the best year for me, and I’d really love to improve both of those things this year.

So, here are my goals and plans to help implement those goals this year:

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books/15,000 pages. Last year, I read 42 books, which equaled out to 13,737 pages.  That’s not terrible for me, but I read significantly more in 2018, so I admit, I was a bit disappointed.  To help me read more, I’ve been really intentional about putting my phone down more and reaching for my book instead.  So far, it seems to be working!
  • Read more classics and nonfiction.  I read very few classics last year and only a handful of nonfiction titles.  Both of those genres are ones I want to read more of going forward.  For so many years, I’ve read what I’m comfortable with reading.  That being said,  I want to experience as many books as I can, and to do that, I want to read more than just the same genres I’ve been reading.  To implement these goals, I’m planning on participating in Lucy Powrie’s #ClassicsCommunity reading challenge.  My goal is to read at least one classic a month.  Likewise, I plan to read at least one nonfiction book a month, as well.
  • Read books that are already on my shelves.  I have such a huge physical and digital TBR.  So, for 2020, I’d really like to reduce the number of books I’m buying as well as only read a couple books from the library a month.  By the end of 2020, I’d love to see significant dent in my TBR.
  • Reread old favorites.  With so many new books always being released and my ever-growing TBR, sometimes it’s tempting to only read new books.  That being said, My favorite books are my favorite for a reason.  So, I’d really love to reread and revisit those books so I can remember why they’re considered my all-time favorites.

Blogging Goals

  • Be consistent.  I went into a pretty deep blogging slump in 2019.  I just felt like I was writing and literally nobody was reading it.  It was, quite frankly, pretty discouraging.  Honestly, I still kind of feel that way.  If I’m being honest, my engagement has gone down quite significantly.  That being said, during my time away from blogging, I was able to put into perspective why I started this blog in the first place: to keep track of my books and share my thoughts on them.  And so, that’s what I’m going to do, whether I get 3 views or 30,000. Because of this, I want to regain a consistent blogging schedule.  I want to post at least one review a week as well as at least one other type of post a week.
  • Interact more.  This is something I really need to work on.  When I first started blogging I visited so many other blogs and commented on people’s posts all the time.  I’ve really gotten lazy about that this past year and because of it, I admit, I feel so alone in the blogging community.  In 2020, I really want to work on interacting and engaging with other book bloggers!
  • Be authentic.  I think it is easy to see other bloggers succeeding and so then  you think you have to do the same types of posts as them.  The thing is, everyone has their own, unique blogging style.  I’m not going to gain anything or enjoy myself if I’m only writing blog posts that I think will bring in views.  I need to be authentic and true to me.  So this year, I’m only going to write about things I care about.  If I don’t know what to write for a Top Ten Tuesday, I won’t just scrounge up some books so I have a post.  If I want to write a post about how much I love some old, obscure book nobody has heard of, I will!  This year is all about me being true to myself.

I hope you enjoyed this list!  Let me know what some of your blogging and/or reading goals are for this year.

Thanks for reading!


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11 Comments on “2020 Reading & Blogging Goals!

  1. Good luck with your reading and blogging goals! It’s really easy to get discouraged with blogging because you see all the effort on your side and it doesn’t always seem to translate. Write for yourself is my motto 🙂

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  2. These are all wonderful goals!! I’m also aiming to focus on the books that I already own. Good luck and happy 2020 😀

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