Book Review | Sketchy Behavior

sketchy behavior reviewTitle: Sketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum

Pages: 214

Genres: YA, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery

Publisher: Zondervan (Aug. 9th, 2011)


Drawing Conclusions or Drafting Disaster?

Other than harboring a somewhat obsessive fondness for Crispix and completely swearing-off boys after a bad date (don’t ask), sixteen-year-old Kate Carter is about as ordinary as they come, except for her two notable talents: art and sarcasm. After an introduction to forensic sketching in her elective art class, Kate discovers a third and most unexpected gift: criminal profiling. Her photo-quality sketch helps the police catch a wanted murderer and earns her celebrity status in South Woodhaven Falls. But when that murderer appears to be using his friends to exact revenge, Kate goes from local hero to possible target. Will she manage to survive? Will life ever be normal again? And will local news anchor Ted Deffle ever stop sending her flowers?

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I absolutely adored this book! The story had me hooked the entire time. It was laugh out loud funny at times and had me gripped on the edge of my seat at others. This was my first Erynn Mangum book, but it definitely will not be my last!

One of the things I loved best about Sketchy Behavior is the characters – especially the main character, Kate. Kate Carter is sassy, independent and so fun. The book is told in first person and I loved reading this story through her eyes. Kate kind of reminds me of Mia from The Princess Diaries series. In fact, Erynn Mangum has a writing style similar to Meg Cabot while still being uniquely her own, and I think fans of Cabot who are looking for a “clean” alternative would love this book. I also loved the hint of romantic feelings Kate felt without there actually being romance. It was refreshing to read a YA novel without tons of romance.

I found the faith content perfect. I’ve read a lot of Christian YA over the years and I admit, some of it’s pretty cheesy, but Sketchy Behavior was not. It’s not over-the-top preachy, but it does opens doors to ask questions and think about what you believe and why.

The overall plot and mystery was very entertaining and well done, as well. I was left guessing how the mystery would wrap up until the very end.

Overall, Sketchy Behavior is such a delightful and fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and my reading experience. It had such a classic, YA feel. I would recommend this book to Meg Cabot fans, as well as anyone else who is looking for a fun and creative mystery.

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