Book Review | Practically Divine

Title: Practically Divine by Becca Stevens

Pages: 224

Genres: Nonfiction, Spirituality, Christian

Publisher: Harper Horizon (Sept. 14, 2021)


There is no secret formula to experiencing the sacred in our lives–it just takes practice and practicality.

No matter where we are—on a walk in the woods, in a sacred building, or in a dusty refugee camp—signs of love abound. When we allow ourselves to embrace both ordinary and extraordinary experiences, we can feel the divine anywhere.

You’re invited to search this path with Becca Stevens, as she explores what it means to be practically divine. Woven throughout the narrative strands are poetry and rants, as well as ruminations on her mother’s wit and wisdom—and the passion she instilled in Becca for creating something from nothing.

Embracing the practically divine compels us to do something, anything, to share in the feast of love together. When we start from wherever we are, we can recognize the potential for humor, wonder, and freedom.

Experience is nine-tenths of love.

Standing in a geranium field, smelling dark soil fertilized by rabbit poop is different from reading about the healing properties of geraniums. Walking beside a woman in a refugee camp as she covers her baby’s face from the dry, red dust is different than imagining how hard it is for moms in camps.

Our senses transform information into holy compassion. When we open our hearts to it, we can experience the divine anywhere – like sacred breadcrumbs marking our path. This path is filled with humor, humility, and honesty.

*I received a free copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

I really enjoyed this book! Reading about the author’s life experience and the work she is doing on Thistle Farms is so hopeful and inspiring.

While I would not necessarily classify this book as “Christian,” it definitely is. Becca Stevens is an excellent example of living out Christ’s love. That being said, this book will resonate with people of all backgrounds.

One of my favorite things about this book was the writing style. The author’s writing style is conversational. Her story is heartfelt and motivational. Not only that, but as the title would suggest, this book is filled with practical examples of how we can live our lives in love and embracing the divinity and holiness that is found in the everyday.

There is so much vulnerability and honesty found in the pages of this book. I’ve seen very few people talk about this book, but let me tell you, Practically Divine is a true hidden gem. It is a book I easily see myself rereading in the future. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to find beauty and embrace love in a world that is often painful.

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