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Hey everyone! I know I’ve sort of fallen off the Blogmas train the past couple of days, but the final weeks of school were really kicking my booty.  That being said, I’m officially on winter break, and I could not be happier! 🙌🏼  This semester was b r u t a l! Anyway, today I’m doing the Bookish Naughty List book tag again!  I did it last year, but let’s see how… Read More

Hello!  It’s time for another holiday book tag!  I was tagged by Jenn @ Jenniely for the Bookish Naughty List book tag. 😁  So, let’s decide if I deserve to go on the the naughty list this year! Received an ARC and not reviewed it  ✅ Hasn’t everyone done this? 🙈  Especially with things like NetGalley, it’s so easy to receive an ARC, and not get around to reviewing it.  I plan on finishing them… Read More