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Hey everyone! So, I just realized I never posted my February wrap-up! So, here I am posting it halfway through March! 😂 Altogether I read 6 books in February!

Hi everyone! Well, February has come and gone, and now we are a week into March.  That means spring is on its way!!  February was a pretty uneventful month for me, personally, but after the January I had, I really appreciated the peace.  Also, on February 10th, it was my blog’s 2nd anniversary! Of course, I totally forgot, and so I didn’t do anything.  I do just want to say though, thank… Read More

    This month wasn’t a spectacular reading month, but that’s okay, because this month I actually created this blog!  Making a book blog is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but I never got around to it before, or I couldn’t think of a name, or I’ve always had some other excuse, but I finally made one. So, I’ll excuse my lack of reading for this month and… Read More