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Hey everyone!  Do you know that feeling when you’ve been watching a bit too much HGTV, and the next thing you know you want to redo your whole house?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  One of my big struggles with redecorating though, is where to begin!  Well, when I was asked by Arhaus, the furniture company, to share my dream, bookish vanity, I really loved the specificity, and how decorating one specific corner can really influence so much of the room around it!  Arhaus has so many gorgeous products to choose from.  I especially love all of their different lighting options.

*Pictures click through to their link!*

Okay, so I love a room that feels bright and full of sunlight.  Also, my room is quite small, so I do not want bulky furniture.  I’d love to have a vanity that is elegant, yet slightly rustic, like this one that I found in Harper’s Bazaar.


I can see myself stacking not only things like makeup on there, but also a few of my current reads!


For seating, I’m going to need something practical, yet comfortable, because let’s be honest.  Yes, I’ll use my vanity to get ready in the morning, but it’ll also be the perfect reading nook as well!  I really love these two chairs I found from Arhaus.

30PATTONCHR-90c69620-b506-4887-a9bb-376cfcc66d8e.jpg    30CLAYWHT-0ae605c6-d7ae-4572-bb36-93d1b4ff0f8d.jpg


I would love to throw this gorgeous quilt, from Signals, over my chair too! 😍



Now, what room would be complete without some sort of lighting?  I am absolutely in love with these crystal lamps from Arhaus!

760LEYTBLN-97fb5b55-58a7-47c9-96f0-925ec1d52f0b.jpg  760ANATBNK-998ee3fd-1560-46cd-82bb-c799174220dd.jpg


I also love this natural fiber rug from them!  It’s touch of blue isn’t too overpowering, but it adds a little something.


Some bookish scented candles also feel perfect!  I found this lovely Anne of Green Gables themed candle on Etsy, and I think I need it.



For some more finishing touches, I’d love to make a bookish bouquet like this to sit atop my vanity!


This would be such a fun DIY project!


This wraps up this fun, little post!   What would you include in your vanity?

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One Comment on “Reading in Style

  1. This post is great! HGTV always makes me want to redo my house too. I love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers.


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