Movie Monday #8 – Little Women

movie monday

Hey everyone!  Today it’s time for another Movie Monday. Movie Monday is a feature on my blog where I compare and discuss books and their movie or television adaptation!

Today I’m discussing the 2018 Little Women mini-series from Masterpiece Theater.

I want to start by saying I really love Little Women!  With three sisters myself, I’ve always related to so deeply to this book.  So, when I heard about this mini-series, I was so excited!  It’s been years since I’ve seen the 1994 movie, so I was eager to see how a new adaptation would be.

Oh my goodness, you guys, this version did not disappoint!  While there were some things cut out and added in, overall, this was a fairly faithful adaptation that captured the essence of the book so well.  Also, the acting was phenomenal.  I felt that each of the actors perfectly portrayed their characters, especially Maya Hawke as Jo and Emily Watson as Marmee.  They were both such stand outs to me.  Also, I actually ended up liking Professor Bhaer in this adaptation way more than I did in the book, so that was actually nice, too.

The visuals and cinematography for Little Women were so gorgeous!  The lighting, the colors, the atmosphere, everything – that is my favorite aesthetic and I adored it so much.

Another thing I loved was how seamlessly everything flowed together.  From the setting to the costumes to the actors, everything all felt so authentic.  You know how some period dramas seem so over the top and fake?  Yeah, this one was not like that at all.  It felt so honest and sincere.

I truly do not have any complaints about this adaptation.  I guess the only thing I could say would be that I wish there were a few more episodes, so every single detail from the book could have gone in, and also, so that it did not have to be over so quickly!  I definitely plan on re-watching this mini-series soon.

Overall, this was a lovely adaptation.  While I can understand how some people may be disappointed that they changed a few things, I was okay with it.  Not only was the acting incredible, but honestly, Little Women was just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to watch.  I would recommend this adaptation to anyone who is a fan of period dramas, but especially to those who adore Little Women like I do!

Did you watch this adaptation of Little Women?  Which character do you relate to the most? I’m definitely a mix between Jo and Beth.

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