Book Review | The Nice Guy

Title: The Nice Guy by Abi Sabina

Pages: 327

Genre: romance, contemporary

Publisher: self-published (Apr. 20th, 2023)


Here’s my advice: Never fall for your boss when he is a walking red flag.

After finding out that my boyfriend cheated on me, I packed my bags and moved to Sunshine Falls. 

My uncle’s ready to retire, and he has always dreamed of me taking over his partnership at the animal clinic in town.

My surprise comes when he introduces me to my new partner, and it’s the cute guy I was talking to at the coffee shop. 

It’s okay, though. I’m not looking for a relationship. My priorities are my career and starting over. 

Ivan and I clash at every turn, and our transition is anything but smooth. Throw in the exotic animals that keep showing up, and I think we’re doomed. 

The one thing we can agree on is to make my uncle proud. 

When Ivan starts to open up to me, it’s difficult to ignore my feelings. Throw in turtle-shelled glasses, and I’m putty. 

I’m tempted to break my rule, but I know the consequences that come with dating a co-worker, and I won’t go through that again.

*I received a free e-copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

Abi Sabina has done it again! 👏🏼 After loving her previous book series, Meet Cute, I jumped at the chance to review her latest book. If you like sassy characters, animals, and sweet closed-door romances, you need to read The Nice Guy.

I loved the chemistry between Madison and Ivan. Their rivalry in the workplace but also their infatuation with each other was such a good mix. The more they got to know each other the more you couldn’t help rooting for them. I felt just like Ivan’s cousins impatiently waiting for them to get together. 😂 Speaking of, the side characters and family aspect in this novel was so sweet and heartwarming. Something that I love about Abi Sabina’s books is that there’s always more to the story than just the romance. The friendship and family love that is also displayed in this novel is so positive and sweet. I loved how supportive Ivan’s family was.

As a huge animal lover, I loved the chaos and hijinx that ensued at the vet office. The Nice Guy has a lot of heart but it also has a lot of comedy and fun, too! From sweet kittens to an unruly llama, and everything in between, the animals made this book all the more enjoyable.

The Nice Guy was just such a good time. I flew through this book and enjoyed every second of it. If you’re looking for a fun and swoony, closed door romance, I cannot recommend this book enough. With a few subtle hints about what’s to come for future couples, I already cannot wait for the next book in the series!


One Comment on “Book Review | The Nice Guy

  1. I love this cover & love sassy characters. It makes for a much more enjoyable reading experience. Plus you can’t go wrong with romance books with animals in them.


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