the calico books


Title: The Nice Guy by Abi Sabina Pages: 327 Genre: romance, contemporary Publisher: self-published (Apr. 20th, 2023) Summary Here’s my advice: Never fall for your boss when he is a walking red flag. After finding out that my boyfriend cheated on me, I packed my bags and moved to Sunshine Falls.  My uncle’s ready to retire, and he has always dreamed of me taking over his partnership at the animal clinic in… Read More

Title: Meet Hate by Abi Sabina Pages: 269 Genres: romance, contemporary Publisher: self-published (Jan. 19th, 2023) Summary If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I’ll do anything to prevent some suit from walking onto my family farm and buying it from us. Hayes may think he can show up at our home, fling a contract in my face, and I’ll drop to my knees and thank him for saving the… Read More