#ReadThemAllThon Update #2


Reading wise, this week was not great.  I only finished one book.  However, I had a super busy, fun-filled week, so that is okay!

Badges Earned


This week, I only earned my Marsh Badge, with Dance of Fire by Yelena Black.  For some reason, it took me forever to read this book – I only just finished it today!  I had planned on having it finished early last week, and the review would have been up for sure last Saturday, but that, obviously, didn’t happen.  You can look for the review to be up in the next day or two!

Like I said, I didn’t get that much time to read this past week.  However, I am okay with that, because I had a really great last week of summer break! 🙂  My family and I bought week passes to the fair, and so I ended up going 5 times this year!  I always have so much fun at the fair, and it’s really nice, because we have a trailer we go camping at in the summer, and the campground is literally right next to the fairgrounds.  So, my family and I went camping there a couple of times last week, and then we would walk over to the fair, too.

Because of my lack of reading, however, I realize the chances of me being able to complete this read-a-thon are now super slim!  So, my goal now is to just complete at least 2 more books, which would bring me to at least the halfway mark.

CP Earned

Dance of Fire | +32CP

Marsh Badge | +20CP

Tweets | +2CP

My Pokemon is now at 150 CP, which means he can finally evolve into an Ivysaur, gaining me an extra +50CP, which brings us up to 200 CP!

pokemon trainer card 3

Okay, so like I said, my goal for this final week of the #ReadThemAllThon, is to read at least 2 more books.  I also want to have all my reviews for these books, as well as Dance of Fire, written and posted before the read-a-thon is over.  Wish me luck!! 🙂

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2 Comments on “#ReadThemAllThon Update #2

  1. I a lot of people are being super chill and relaxed about this readathon. Not everyone will be able to complete it and that’s OK. But I’m glad you’re having fun this summer!
    And yay to getting an Ivysaur! Chikorita and its evolutions are my favorite grass starters, but bulbasaur is definitely a close second.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I love about this readathon; there’s not too much pressure! 👌🏼 The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Crystal, and I actually went with Chikorita, so for sentimental reasons, that one will always be one of my favorites, too. 😊


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